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Rudy Silvamer is a singer-songwriter originally from Mexico City, his new song "Posibles Precipitaciones" [Possibly Rainy]  was a song that helped him out building a school!! A very unusual story... After studying neuroscience and learning at the University of Toronto, he retired from music to devote his time to research and design in education with children. His main goal with this was to rescue the school that his mother built. After his mother passed away the school nearly shut down and he went there to rescue! 

This is a song about optimism that I wrote hoping I could turn rainy days into sunny days filled with music." The story says that Rudy kept on singing it everyday until a day came where he finally believed what he wrote. 
 "Posibles Precipitaciones" [Possibly Rainy] is a metaphor about how life is as unexpected and untrue as a clear skies weather forecast. The song says "just as the colour the wind paints in the sky, the brushstrokes of life are unexpected." 

"Posibles Precipitaciones" was recorded in London at Abbey Road Studios.

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